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Hello! My name's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and I happen to be the very first Disney toon star to ever make it big on the silver screen! That's right, it wasn't Mickey! He's just my pesky younger brother. He's a real pain but I suppose I love him anyways. Feel free to drop me a line!

M!A Status: None/Accepting

((An independent RP account for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, post-EM2. Note that Oswald has a heart now, so he is able to go freely between The Cartoon World and Wasteland. Feel free to ask a question or RP with me. Keep all asks and RPs G-PG rated please. I track the tag waltsluckyrabbit))

((Also part of Drama Free Disney group, but the group allows me to remain independent and RP with anyone.))




About the Character

Name: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Name Meaning: “One who has God’s power” “Divine Ruler” 

'Os', meaning God or Divine, 'wald' meaning 'rule'

Nicknames: Os, Ozzie/Ozzy

Age: Being a toon, Oswald is ageless, but he is technically 86 years old.

Birthdate: September 5th, 1927

Relationship Status: Married to Ortensia with 420 Bunny Children.

Fur/Eye Color: Black fur with a white face and black pupils.

Height/Weight: He is around 2’6” and weighs around 20-30lbs. He is 2-3 inches shorter than Mickey, not counting their ears.

Traits: Kind, friendly, fun-loving, playful, mischievous, loyal, proud, has a bit of an ego, brave, clever, cheeky, wiseguy, resourceful, heroic

Personality: Oswald is a very friendly and good-hearted person. He loves adventure and always tries to help others out. He is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect his family and friends. He usually tries to see the good in others, but if provoked, he can turn aggressive quickly. He will also sometimes hold a grudge against those he sees as rivals.

Even though he has a family and is able to take care of himself like an adult, he still remains mischievous, playful, and childlike at heart, which often gets him into trouble. He sometimes plays pranks, and enjoys teasing his little brother Mickey.

Being that he was created to entertain and make people laugh, he is also quite the wiseguy, often making sarcastic or witty remarks.

He shares many traits in common with his little brother Mickey Mouse. Both brave, resourceful, and good of heart, they both are leaders that are looked up to by other toons.

Abilities: Fast-runner, able to jump high, has good hearing thanks to his large sensitive ears, talented at fixing and building mechanical devices, can detach and manipulate body parts at will, can use ears like a helicopter to glide

Flaws: He is impatient, stubborn, frustrated easily, too impulsive, a bit too trusting and gullible, a bit naïve, sometimes his mischief can get out of hand, and he can hold a grudge against those he sees as rivals

Bio: Oswald was created from ink and paint on September 5th, 1927 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. Walt saw him as a family member, and treated him like a son. In turn, Oswald saw Walt as his father and they became very close. They went on to make 26 silent cartoons together, in which Oswald was a huge success. His success helped bring Walt more attention, and he was the first character of Walt’s to generate merchandise, which included things such as an Oswald chocolate bar and an Oswald stencil set.

However, in the Spring of 1928, Oswald’s time with him was quickly cut short. When Walt decided to leave the company he was working for due to paycuts, he was unable to bring Oswald with him, due to the studio owning Oswald, and so Oswald was left alone at the studio. Oswald was devastated, but continued on with his cartoons that he was required to do by the studio.

Meanwhile, Walt started his own company and created a character named Mickey Mouse to be his new star. This mouse turned out to be a huge success, quickly overshadowing Oswald. With Walt gone, Oswald’s cartoons were slowly losing their touch, and the studio began moving on to other characters. The studio soon stopped giving Oswald work and the public quickly forgot him as they now embraced the revolutionary Mickey Mouse.

When toons are forgotten, they lose their heart, and without the love from the world that he had once had, Oswald’s heart soon fizzled out. Filled with sadness, he then woke up to find himself in a strange new world called Wasteland—a sanctuary for forgotten Disney toons and memorabilia. Oswald was its very first resident and as other toons began to arrive, he declared himself its leader, determined to make others who shared his fate feel as at home as possible. He modeled the world off his father’s Disneyland theme park in the real world. Over the years, he held a fierce hatred against Mickey Mouse for taking his place by his father’s side and taking away everything that was once important to him.

One day, the Wasteland was ravaged by what became known as the Thinner Disaster. A giant ink monster known as The Blot and its Blotling minions took over the land, turning it into a very dark and scary place. The Mad Doctor, a former friend of Oswald’s, backstabbed him by teaming up with the Blot. During the war, the Blot turned Oswald’s love Ortensia to stone, which completely crushed Oswald. With Ortensia gone, his world destroyed, and the citizens living in fear, Oswald soon devolved into a shadow of his former self, filled with sadness and anger which he aimed at Mickey. Out of shame, he self-exiled himself to Mickeyjunk Mountain and neglected the rest of Wasteland. What he was really doing though was guarding the jug atop the mountain which held the most powerful form of the Blot, which if released, would destroy what was left of Wasteland.

One day Mickey came to Wasteland with a magic paintbrush, revealing that he had accidentally caused the Thinner Disaster in the first place. Oswald was furious with him at first, but eventually Mickey’s selflessness and sacrifice won Oswald over. They defeated the Blot and the Mad Doctor together and made amends, finally accepting each other as brothers. Ortensia came back to life and Oswald soon felt like his old self again.

Mickey then returned to Wasteland many months later to help out with suspicions regarding earthquakes, new robot enemies, and the Mad Doctor supposedly “turning over a new leaf.” Oswald wanted to give him a chance, since the Mad Doctor had been an old friend of Oswald’s, but Mickey still had his doubts. Oswald and Mickey then teamed up on an adventure to find out the truth behind all the earthquakes and sabotaged machinery. As it turned out, the Mad Doctor was behind it all, so Oswald and Mickey teamed up to defeat him. But as the Mad Doctor was about to fall to his doom, Oswald made a last attempt to save him, causing a change of heart in the Doc. The Mad Doctor saved them from the fall and proceeded to turn good for real this time. Through this adventure, Oswald and Mickey bonded more as brothers.

Mickey then made Oswald a promise that he would make sure the world remembered him. He kept this promise, and soon Oswald got his heart back and was remembered by the world again after over 50 years of obscurity. Oswald is now eternally grateful to his brother, but Mickey simply shrugs it off, saying, “That’s what brothers do.”

The two brothers are now very close and would do anything for each other, despite their shaky beginning.

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